Australian Ethically Farmed Pork Illustration

The name seven point australian pork was inspired by the seven-pointed star on the australian flag.

Why? because our pork is 100% bred, grown and finished in australia, by hard working australian farmers.

Pork & Livestock Welfare

Livestock welfare

We strongly believe in best practice animal welfare, so we only work with famers who have APIQ accredited farms, which means they work hard to follow safe, sustainable practices because they too, are dedicated to animal welfare and care about their pigs. We also know that happy pigs are the secret behind premium, great tasting pork.

100% Grown Here: Australia
Seven Point Pork & Our Products

Our PORK products

Seven Point Pork produces a wide range of great tasting, fresh Australian pork cuts including our ever-popular flavourful easy carve leg, succulent ribs and our tender pork filets. Every cut of pork that we produce is well known for it’s consistently great tasting qualities, which is why our customers love us.

Our Career opportunities

At Seven Point Pork, we are more than a team – we are a family. We passionately produce some of the country’s highest quality pork and are looking for skilled and unskilled team members to join the team. Careers vary from knifehands, labourers and packers, to a range of meat processing positions. If you’re interested in being a part of our mission to provide our customers with the best quality Australian pork, you can view our latest job vacancies below.

Who are seven point pork?

We’re proud to support hundreds of Australian families by employing over 280 staff at our plant in South Australia. And through our long-standing relationships with 20 farms around the country, we support the pork industry, and value these farmers enormously, as we work together using our proud history and experience to deliver what we believe to be the best fresh pork in Australia!