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Seven Point Pork produces a wide range of great tasting, fresh Australian pork cuts including our ever-popular flavourful easy carve leg, succulent ribs and our tender pork filets. Every cut of pork that we produce is well known for it’s consistently great tasting qualities, which is why our customers love us.

Leg Roast

This is our traditional bone-in pork leg and one of the most popular cuts of fresh pork there is. Pork leg meat is lean and flavourful. Leaving the bone in, helps keep the leg moist when roasted, to deliver tender, tasty premium roast pork .

Pork Leg Roast
Pork Easy Carve Leg Roast

Easy Carve Leg Roast

The easy carve leg roast is a smaller leg roast to the traditional leg roast and is boneless. It’s a convenient alternative to the traditional roast, as it’s often faster to cook and easier to slice.

Rolled Loin

Our rolled loin is a premium boneless roast that comes from the loin of the pig, which is well known to be lean, tender and tasty.

Pork Rolled Loin
Pork Loin Rack

Loin Rack

Our loin rack is an impressive dinner party pork cut. Keeping the bones in adds to the flavour, which goes beautifully with or without the crackling.

Loins Boneless

The loin comes from the pigs back, starting at the shoulder, can be boneless, or can be left bone-in. Leaving the bone in, helps the meat to retain moisture.

Pork Loin Boneless
Pork Tenderloin


The tenderloin, also known as pork fillet is boneless and lean and the most tender cut of pork when cooked correctly. Because it is so lean, it can be cooked quickly for ease and convenience.


The belly can be boneless or bone-in and though very high in fat, it’s a very tender, delicious cut when slow-roasted or braised.

Pork Belly
Pork Ribs

U.S. Style Ribs

Our U.S. style spare ribs are a popular style of pork in Western and Asian cuisines and in particular a traditional U.S. cut, well suited to the BBQ or on the grill.

Easy Carve Shoulder

The easy carve shoulder is an affordable boneless roast, that is rich in fat to create a great tasting roast with great tasting crackling.

Pork & Easy Carve Shoulder
Scotch Fillet Pork Neck

Scotch Fillet - Pork Neck

Our scotch fillet, also known as the pork neck, is an economical cut with great flavour and tenderness when cooked on the BBQ or griddle.