7 Reasons To Buy Pork From A Butcher

  1. Butchers are there to ask questions of – bring in that recipe you’ve been wanting to make. The butcher can give you a few options on the right cut of meat to suit that recipe, in addition to what’s listed in the recipe, and explain why they work. It could save you money too.
  2. There are cuts of meat that you just won’t find in a supermarket – if you enjoy cooking and eating meat, ask the butcher about these cuts and what recipes they are good for. There’s nothing better than trying a new cut of pork and being surprised by the taste.
  3. If you’re on a budget, the butcher can recommend cuts you’ve never thought of for the recipe you want to try. They get asked this question a lot, so don’t be afraid to ask!
  4. You can ask for special requests such as deboning, butterflying and cutting to a certain size, rather than settling for prepacked options on supermarket shelves.
  5. Get to know your butcher. Regular customers get special treatment. If your butcher knows what you like to order, he/she can let you know of upcoming specials or other cuts of meat that you haven’t tried before that he/she thinks you will like. You can also ring ahead and order before you get there, to save time.
  6. If you want to know how to best cook a certain cut of pork, for example, that you haven’t cooked before or that isn’t turning out the way you thought when you’ve cooked it previously, just ask your butcher – they are a wealth of knowledge and love to have a chat!
  7. Butchers often sell marinades, seasonings and sauces that are made specifically to suit certain cuts of meat, to deliver a taste sensation! Ask your butcher to recommend one next time you go in and be surprised at how good they are at matching cuts of meat with individual seasonings that they stock.