Fresh pork outgrows beef and lamb!

According to Andrea Hogan from Australian Food News, “Nielsen research, over the past 12 months, has shown that sales of pork have increased by 5.7 per cent (in value) in Australia, despite the fact that the meat category has not grown during that time.” This is good news for fresh pork!

The Nielsen report shows that one of the main reason for this growth, is a result of effective industry promotions by the  producer-owned organisation, the Australian Pork Limited, or APL as it’s known, with their advertising of  the 6-2-2 marketing campaign, which educates consumers on how to cook pork perfectly. This has led to an increase in pork sales during those promotional periods, with 50 per cent of pork sold on promotion versus 42.5% the previous 12 months.  Sales have also been helped by the fact that pork was markedly cheaper than lamb for much of the year, and has therefore been seen as a more attractive option when it comes to saving money.

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