Traceability of pigs in the pig farming industry is now in place

There’s a great article in farmbiosecurity, posted on 19th March, 2018, about the traceability in the pig farming industry that’s worth a read.  Identifying livestock and recording their movements allows us to track where an animal has come from, who or what has come into contact with that animal and where it has gone once it leaves the farm, which is critical for biosecurity and food safety.

Although beef, sheep and goat producers have been doing this for some years, traceability for pigs is now a legal requirement in all states from 1st February, 2018, which means pig producers will now tag livestock and update the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database when pigs are moved from a pig farm. This will mean clear information about things such as whether the seller was certified by a quality assurance program, whether pigs were fed approved feed and each property will have an identification code.

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